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Forest Hill Civic and Convention Center
6901 Wichita Street

Forest Hill, TX  76140

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Press Release

Hispanic Wellness Coalition (HWC) changes health fair name “Hispanic Wellness Fair” to “North Texas Wellness Fair”

Fort Worth- January 12, 2016:  

The Hispanic Wellness Coalition is proud to announce the renaming of its annual health fair.  The
event once titled Hispanic Wellness Fair will now be the North Texas Wellness Fair.

“In the beginning, the fair was targeting the underserved Hispanic population in the community, but it was open to all Tarrant County residents. Even though this information was placed on all HWC marketing materials and the HWC website, the HWC office received multiple calls each year from non-Hispanic residents asking if they could attend”, said Gloria Martinez, Hispanic Wellness Coalition’s Executive Director. After careful thought and research the new name was developed to give the health fair a more inclusive connotation.

The HWC Board of Directors met in November and voted on the name change and in December voted to update the Mission and Vision. Mission: To serve and promote health and wellness in diverse communities through education, advocacy, and access. Vision: We will foster collaboration trust and sustainability to be the leading health coalition in North Texas.

Saturday, August 6th, the Hispanic Wellness Coalition will host the 18th Annual North Texas Wellness Fair at the Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center. We will continue to offer free screenings, health care resources, and promotion of health and wellness in North Texas.  “We invite everyone to attend and learn about all the different services that are available in our community.” Martinez said.

The Hispanic Wellness Fair originated in 1998. Initially, the City of Fort Worth requested a community assessment which revealed several factors impacting the health of Hispanics. Results of the percentages for Hispanics lacking health insurance were overwhelming. Almost one half of the population in Fort Worth without health insurance was Hispanic. The survey also revealed that the most common health problems in the Hispanic household was diabetes which was the highest chronic disease reported. As a result of the findings of this survey, community leaders in the health and business profession joined together to develop the first Hispanic Wellness Fair.  In 2006, community leaders formed the Hispanic Wellness Coalition which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information, please visit our website at www.hispanicwellnesscoalition.org.

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Hispanic Wellness Coalition
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